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I'm done

2012-11-24 14:05:11 by SpoonFullTits

I'm probably done with everything, I don't really care much anymore because this is fucking pointless. I am not getting anywhere, I guess I wasn't here to make animations even though i love to draw. This is a maybe, So i am thinking about not animating or doing anything anymore. just maybe. I'm not giving up guys, I just need a break, then when i do get back on track, i want to practice much more, as a friend was talking to me about, uuuum, but overall Newgrounds sucks, it has poor shit on here, The music, Art, and Games are cool, but most of the flash is trash and shittyness, that is why I love youtube better. But Who knows maybe Newgrounds will get better, I definatley do not see that happening.

I'm done


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2012-11-24 14:18:30

No dude! Come on! D:

SpoonFullTits responds:



2012-11-24 14:45:56

Nooooo... sadfaceee


2012-11-24 15:20:24

yo, you just need more time to learn. I had a whole other channel that I had from 2009-2012 where I made animations, and there were shit from day one all the way until my second to last video. My final video on that channel was okay but it still doesn't live up to the quality of animations I have now. I still have a ton of room to improve, and you do too. If you want to quit, fine, but definitly really think it over. you have 100 subs on youtube, it's not like people hate your vids. But like I said, you still have room to improve. I guess it comes with the hobby, lol.


2012-11-24 15:25:51

also, animating is not something that you should pressure yourself to do, you should animate when you want to.

SpoonFullTits responds:

I know lol, I am more towards to not giving up as just taking a break and not using NG.


2012-11-24 17:10:59

Take a look at the titles in your own flash submissions. Perhaps you can realize that you are in fact contributing to the heap of crap animations on this site, and either stop altogether or grow up (personally, I would rather you completely stop, since you have shown little proof of your maturity in this year since you began making submissions, and there is no sign of that changing in the foreseeable future).