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Some fuckin News

1/6/13 by SpoonFullTits

Hey guys feels like its been a while, Just wanted to say I am working on two flashes that are almost done! I have been fucking busy for a while now, so Hopefully I can get them out by next sunday, I am scoring for that, Then I plan to make a valentines Toon. But I am also in need of fucking voice actors for My new cartoon that My girlfriend and I wrote and came up together, So fucking hit me up and I will buzz ur ballls with me fork. I been messing around with colors too, so i made my own color pallet which i have 3 of em now, almost 4, so fuck that is a lot of colors, i do from dark to light, so shading colors in my pallets that is why i have to much. Anyways, Hopefully I can get my shit out more frequently thne what i am doing, Thanks for fucking reading this, I guess ur bored by now and maybe dont care. so cool bye XOXOXOXOXOXO

Some fuckin News


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Your GF the creative sort?

1/14/13 SpoonFullTits responds:

Yes she is creative when she wants to be...

ur too cool 4 scool

Hey dude hit me up with the voice acting details cause I got a mic with no backround noise at all so yeh.

your gonna buzz my balls....awesome.

ur bleckl

yah bad ass