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2013-02-11 21:14:48 by SpoonFullTits

Hello fellow fans or not fans whatever, I am gonna be working on a new video hopefully soon about two whores who are obsessed about a kid at my school, I am making a test video at the moment, Just to practice more frame by frame and colors. I have been thinking of doing a bigger video then I normally do, but for this one it will require a friend who can also animate help me with somethings. I really need someone who can voice act for me, I know I know, I keep asking and never reply to you all, Well this time I will reply, I have to!!

Also, yeah. yeah, Check out my Youtube channel also.



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2013-02-11 21:36:52

So far so good, I like what you got going on, if I didn't have so many projects on my plate I would definitely help you out but I hope you find someone to help you.

(Updated ) SpoonFullTits responds:

Haha Thanks man!! means a lot!!


2013-02-11 21:50:17

Whores? My gosh...

SpoonFullTits responds:

Yes ew right? Its disgusting, I wanna rip them in bits. and rape em.


2013-02-13 09:38:34

Time permitted (work is a *bleep*) I'd gladly led my vocal and editing assistance if needed.

SpoonFullTits responds: