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This weekend~~

2013-02-21 17:14:03 by SpoonFullTits

I got a toon coming this weekend and I have a Short introduction video of My new character, Her name is Cindy she is played by Amisc. Check her out, She has a great voice! And This small toon is part of a collab on newgrounds, I might make two for it, I also Have this cartoon about two whores but I don't feel like I should finish it considering its fucking retarded and makes no sense, But whatever. SO yeah.

This weekend~~


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2013-02-21 19:30:06

daww her lines are adorable xD oh I'm so punny. Thanks again for letting me voice her!

SpoonFullTits responds:

Your Welcome!! and Thanks for taking the time to do so.


2013-02-21 20:15:00

le funny name xD

SpoonFullTits responds:

You are.


2013-02-21 21:30:03

Really glad you're sticking with the animation, and not turned your forces to the dark side of the Portal (clubz, crewz, spammers too). Looking forward to this, even if it isn't out by this weekend!

SpoonFullTits responds:

HAha Thanks!!