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2013-05-04 13:44:58 by SpoonFullTits

I guess I'm coming back. I just have been busy with track meets, That's why I was never on!!!! Also I won't be animating till next weekend, I have this week coming up of two meets and they are the last ones finally!!! Then I can animate all I want.


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2013-05-04 16:19:45

Don't over tighten your spring dude!

SpoonFullTits responds:

Its not much of spring, its getting cold and rainy and even snowed a bit, then goes to hot and it keeps changing.


2013-05-04 23:57:17

...yeah, same weather conditions here too. I guess I meant your own personal, internal spring, like a clock. Sprinting almost burst my insides, back in the day. Which areas of running are you competing in?

SpoonFullTits responds:

800, 4x8, and Distant medley 1600. I have to do distance since Im better at it.


2013-05-05 15:06:19

Best of luck!!
Great intro, break and ending... just never liked the rest of the song.

SpoonFullTits responds:

Haha awesome man!! THANKS


2013-05-07 07:19:32


SpoonFullTits responds:

Yippee!!! Lol


2013-05-08 22:47:20


SpoonFullTits responds:

I KNOW!! Im free now!!